A tourist who visits other countries and cities mainly to study the architecture. Also: archi-tourist.
architourism, archi-tourism, n.
architour, archi-tour, n., v.
Example Citations:
I was there to see the latest addition to the [Wolfsburg's] architectural zoo, Zaha Hadid's Phaeno Centre, described by the architect as an "experimental landscape". ...
By selecting Hadid, one of the most original, recognisable and radical architects working today and still one of the very few women, they have assured themselves a structure with international profile and high archi-tourist status.
— Edwin Heathcote, "Hadid's flying concrete museum," Financial Times, December 2, 2005
Renting a car is a requirement in L.A. under most circumstances, but for the architourist, renting is a must.
— James Culham, "L.A.'s modernist marvels," The Globe and Mail, August 21, 2002
Earliest Citation:
They hope, though, that The Lighthouse, a centre for architecture, design and the city, will be the enduring legacy of Glasgow 1999. ... The new centre is a conversion by Glasgow architects Page & Park of the old Glasgow Herald offices. Charles Rennie Mackintosh worked on the original building, which should make it a spontaneous success with the "archi-tourist".
— Penny Lewis, "Centre for design sets a shining example," The Scotsman, July 13, 1999
See also the Archi-Tourist: a "a free, Wiki-based travel guide to contemporary architecture around the globe."
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